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Soy milk maker reviews

Independent reviews of SoyaPower Plus, SoyaPower, and SoyaJoy Soymilk Makers

Introduction to the Reviews

Sanlinx Inc. is the pioneer of Automatic Soy Milk Makers in North America. Since its introductionof  the SoyaJoy in 1998, Sanlinx has been the leader with follow-up introductions of SoyaPower, and SoyPower Plus. Each new product retains the advantages of previous one but add features and improvements based on extensive customer feedbacks and internal testing.

When Sanlinx Introduced the SoyaJoy back 1998, there was virtually no competition. It was not until 2002, reverse-engineered products started to appear, but by then we have brought new improvements to the SoyaJoy - the SoyaJoy Model SJ-5. In 2003, we further improved the SoyaJoy SJ-5 and gained UL listing. In the years after that, we continue to lead the market with the introduction of SoyaPower, and most recently introduced the SoyaPower plus.

The SoyaJoy received many reviews from all well-known or well-respected professionals. It was consistently rated best in comparison tests. By the time Sanlinx introduced the SoyaPower, there were many more brands on the market, but SoyaPower was again rated the best.

Since the SoyaPower Plus retained all the advantages of the SoyaPower and SoyaJoy, it is also helpful to read the reviews for the SoyaPower and SoyaJoy Soy Milk makers. Over the years, Vickilynn has reviewed pretty much all soymilk makers and published all results on her web site. You can read her reviews of other brands by clicking the links provided here.

Vickilynn Haycraft reviewed SoyaPower Plus™ with her highest recommendations.  

A student of health and nutrition for 30 years, Vickilynn Haycraft has over 20 years of actual hands-on experience reviewing and personally using different tools of the homemaking vocation, focusing on the areas of health and nutrition. Vickilynn is a magazine columnist, product reviewer and cookbook author, as well as being full-time wife and mom to 5 children.

The new SoyaPower Plus not only kept all the great features of the SoyaPower, but also improved upon it! ...

Just what is the “Plus” in the SoyaPower Plus? It is the advanced filter-less design that not only offers the easiest soymilk making operation available, but completely changes the options for making homemade non-dairy milks and broths.

The “Plus” is the patented Tornado Grinding System ™ which transforms the SoyaPower Plus into a powerhouse machine, with no filter to clean."
 - Vickilynn Haycraft   Click to read full review

Vegsource.com gave SoyaPower ™ Highest Recommendation.

Vegsource.com is the most respected and most popular vegetarian Web site. Both SoyaPower and SoyaJoy have been highly recommended by no ohter than Vegsource.com's founder, who rarely offer product recommendations.

After tested the SoyaPower Soy Milk Maker, Jeff personally wrote to us:

You've taken a great soymilk maker and made it even better!  It's so easy to use and clean up, and the soymilk it produces is a big hit with the whole family.  Thanks for continuing to be a leader in spreading soy to the world!
Feel free to use that as an endorsement on your site, should you wish to.
All best,

SoyaJoy before had earned the following editorial from VegSource.com

"SoyaJoy gets VegSource's highest rating! Jeff and Sabrina have been having a ball with their SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker, coming up with a variety of different flavors and consistencies. You can't go wrong with a SoyaJoy -- we love it! Don't be fooled by imitations and Johnny-come-lately ripoffs -- SoyaJoy is the original, the granddaddy that started it all! The quality of construction, the safety and the power of the machine are the best out there. It's made of the finest materials available -- a surgical stainless steel cooking pot with smooth edges all around -- and it's built for safety and ease of use. It's not only the best, it also happens to be the most reasonably priced! Compared to SoyaJoy, other soymilk makers look like toys! ... "

IntSoy has selected the SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker as the best of all soy milk machines tested.

Dr. Karl E. Weingartner, Senior Food Scientist &Director of IntSoy. Dr. Karl in the renowned authority in studies of Soy and its utilizations. He rarely recommend products.

We are most pleased to announce that IntSoy (International Soybean Program) at the University of Illinois has conducted vigorous testing of the SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker. Here is Dr. Weingartner's original statement:

IntSoy recently tested three different brands of soy milk makers. Based on the results of these tests the machine we recommend is the SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker from Sanlinx Inc.. The machine was tested using both hot water and cold water for making soy milk from soaked soybean according to the supplied user manual. It takes us about 15 minutes to make soy milk from cold tap water, and 12 minutes with hot water.  We noted that the taste of the milk is better when the hot water is used. The instructions are easy to follow. The machine is very suitable for home use and is among the best we have tested. The stainless-steel container is also a plus. You can find more information by visiting their website at http://www.soymilkmaker.com/ , via fax at 530-660-7115.

INTSOY is an independent, non-profit research organization widely recognized for its authority and expertise in soybean utilization research. It has facilities to test and evaluate home use soymilk makers, as well as large-scale commercial soy products equipment

Well-known chef and cookbook author Ellen highly recommended the SoyaJoy as the best soy milk maker. 

This is the second time that Ellen has recommended the SoyaJoy. "This machine is still the best value for the money and recommended by me and Intsoy."  Here is the link to her recommendation.

Ellen has over 20 years of experience as a professional chef, nutritionist, and author. Read her bio at this Web page.


Review by Dr. Joseph Ross, Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Ross specializes in comprehensive vision care and practices in Brewster, New York. He also enjoys interests such as telecommunications, alternative health care, politics, and sharing great ideas.

    I have had my Soyajoy soy milk maker for about a year now.  I have to tell you that it is one of the best items I have purchased ever.  I am an eye doctor and concerned about nutrition.  Your machine makes it easy and inexpensive to make soy milk in minutes.  Plus the Laura Soy Beans you recommend from Fairvew Farms are great for soy milk and very reasonable in cost.

    I am one of the many Americans who follow a low carb high protein diet, like Atkins Recommends.  It is very easy to make soy milk and use Stevia as a sweetener.  You instantly have a great low carb drink that can be flavored with, vanilla, cinnamon, and many other flavors.

    I found an excellent source of Stevia that works very well with your machine.  I get it from http://www.herbaladvantage.com/ .  It has almost no after taste.  With Vanilla or cinnamon, I can make great soy milk in minutes. This is the best Stevia I have ever seen.  The price is very reasonable and the quality better than anything I have found anywhere.   They have bred their Stevia to have virtually no bitter aftertaste as some Stevia does.

    I was also skeptical about needing the cleaning mixture you recommend but that is every bit as excellent a product as your machine. It makes clean up very easy.

 Dr Joseph A Ross,  http://www.drjoeross.com/


SoyaJoy got rave reviews from Marie Oser 

Ms. Marie Oser, Veggie Chef, soy and nutrition expert, has given the SoyaJoy strong endorsement. Many of Marie's vegetarian Web site "regulars" have bought the SoyaJoy and have posted very positive comments about SoyaJoy Soy Milk Makers. Read the entire review. Click here to see more pictures of Marie enthusiastically demonstrating the SoyaJoy to her VegTV.com audience.


SoyaJoy Rated 5 Stars by Capri from Epinions.com

Capri is a well-known reviewer of household appliances at Epinions.com. She is one of the most trusted reviewers at Epinions.com, which is well known for its commonsense, independent product reviews. SoyaJoy is the only soy milk maker that achieved five stars at Epinions.com. Like all of the reviewers cited here, Capri wrote and published her review without our ever contacting her or even knowing about the review until months after she posted it. 

Author's Product Rating

Ease of Use:  
Ease of Cleaning:  


As always, before I purchase a product I did a ton of research and reading about soymilk makers.
Our primary concern was stainless steel touching the milk only, easy cleaning, and fast convenient usage. Of course, taste had to be a big part too.

What I kept coming back to was the SOYAJOY SOYMILK MAKER by SANLINX. The reviews I read about it were glowing and positive and very numerous. The price was also right- $99 at Christmas time.

So after debating, emailing the company and discussing, I sent for the unit. Wow, were we shocked.

: easy, fast, saves lots of money, small footprint
Cons: takes a while to get used to fresh flavor

The Bottom Line
In all of the years I spent laboring over soy milk, it is truly awesome that this the SOYAJOY does the job in 1/20 of the time-truly a miracle!!!!!

This is my most important kitchen helper. I guard it with my life. No one is allowed to touch it. I LOVE this thing.

The milk that comes out of it is fresh- very clean tasting and you can make it any way you want it to be. We just drink it straight now with a little honey added if we remember while it is hot. The milk will keep from 1-2 weeks in sealed glass depending on the weather and the batch.

Do you like a certain store bought soymilk? Keep a box with ingredients and try to copy it. Quite frankly, once you get used to the fresh taste of the soymilk made with this machine, you will never go back to that other stuff again.

We occasionally will open a box of milk left from a while ago in emergencies, and we can all taste the other stuff in it (including the aluminum) and it is really gross. We used to LOVE that stuff!


I have to tell you, folks, this soy milk maker has saved us a LOT of money. At about $20 a week for soymilk, we can probably get a full gallon of soymilk for about, let's say $.50 worth of beans.

So, take $19.50 and multiply that out to be approx. 32 weeks, and we have saved approx. $624 in the 8 months that we have been using this machine.

All of the family drinks it, and all of us like it, including me. I do not have the problems with drinking it that I used to have with our other method of making the milk. We are using the exact same bag of beans.

Everyone has their own way of fixing this milk. My son loves to make Indian Lassis with it (rosewater milkshake in essence). My daughter loves to mix it with anything at all because she loves to mix things. My husband loves to make carob shakes from it and just blending it gets a beautiful foam on top just like those foamy drinks people pay a ton for. I like it with just a little honey and vanilla if it is just to drink.

Click here to read the entire review on


Another Rave review from Epinions.com

Once again, we only ran across and read this review almost one year after it had been posted. Before I order something online, I always check out reviews on Epinions.com. Over the years, I have found that Epinions.com publishes the most detailed, useful, and trustworthy reviews.

Product Rating:
Ease of Use:
Ease of Cleaning:
SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker allows you to have fresh soymilk for a lot less
by seahealth, Jul 17 '03
Pros: Saves a lot of Money, Easy to use
Cons: I can't think of any yet...
I like soymilk but I don't like the prices at the store which was the one reason I didn't buy it as much as I would have liked to. Most of them cost about $3-$4 for half a gallon on average.

I saw a soymilk maker in a health food store...
Read the full review


Vickilynn Haycraft rated SoyaJoy The Best in a head-to-head test in 2001. After three years, she proudly recommends the SoyaJoy SJ-5 in her latest review of all major soy milk makers on the market.  

Vickilynn Haycraft is a wife and mother of five children. Vickilynn's articles, columns, poetry, book and product reviews have been distributed worldwide. She has been published in magazines, such as Teachers of Good Things, Homemaker's Forum, An Encouraging Word, Gentle Spirit, Above Rubies, Healthy Foods e-zine, Dollar Stretcher, Coming Home, Naturally Healthy Living magazine and Naturally Healthy Home Study Course.

"I greatly prefer the SoyaJoy," wrote Vickilynn in her 2001 review.  "I finally have been able to make a good-tasting milk alternative that my family enjoys without complaint. Making these beverages at home has saved us about $500.00 per year. The automatic soymilk maker paid for itself in about 3 months, and the best news is that the process of making non-dairy milk using a machine is easy, quick and completely automatic (thus saving my precious time for more important tasks!)." Read her entire review here.

Vickilynn reviewed the SoyaJoy SJ-5 again in November 2004, three years after her first review, and confirmed that the SoyaJoy is still the best: "I now recommend the SoyaJoy SJ-5 as an excellent, well-made machine that consistently delivers high-quality non-dairy beverages from home." Read the entire review here.


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